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Pictured is a 1.5 ounce of salt. The 8 ounce jars come with a cork lid.

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The scent of this smoke-infused sea salt is reminiscent of a warm fire in a New Hampshire cabin. Give some personality to bland turkey sandwiches and scrambled eggs. Also great with sausage and pork. Versatile salt that can give a rich smokey flavor to anything it touches.

Chardonnay Smoked is cold smoked with Chardonnay oak chips to preserve the mineral content and natural flavor of the salt. The result is a deep smokey flavor. A very versatile salt that can also be used for roasting, spice blends, salads, meats, seafood, sauces/soups.

All-natural Black Truffle infused salt combines the distinct taste of black truffles with pure sea salt crystals to create an uncommonly delicious flavoring. A powerful salt aroma with bits of Black Truffle mushrooms combined with extra fine sea salt and garlic. Black Truffle salt adds a hint of earthy, mushroomy flavor to beef, eggs, potatoes, pasta, steak, roast duck, roasted vegetables, French fries, popcorn.

This smoky infusion combines the spiciness of smoked chipotle peppers with the crisp taste of all natural Pacific sea salt. Made with real smoke-dried Jalapeño peppers, this salt has a rich, toasted pepper flavor. Salads, roasted vegetables, seafood, meats, pasta, finishing, fried foods, popcorn, bread dipper (with olive oil).

This sea salt is infused with coffee flavor, sporting a dark, rich aroma and coarse, brown crystals. This salt naturally accompanies chocolate or vanilla ice cream or most desserts. It also does well in sweet marinades and as a rub for steak or pork.

One of the great French artisan salts by Le Tresor. Very white in color with a classic briny taste. Crystals are fine and moist. High moisture content that clumps together like wet snowflakes. FdS is a unique salt because of its high moisture content. It resists melting on dishes like steamed veggies, sauces or juicy meats. Also consider finishing tomatoes, caramels, mozzarella, butter cookies.

Made from pure, unrefined sea salt and the Bhut jolokia pepper, this salt has a spicy hot flavor that is without compare. Named for one of the most venomous snakes in India, this pepper, also known as the King Cobra Chili, has a blazing heat. Sprinkle over chicken wings, chili, or fajitas. Fabulous as a replacement for Tabasco sauce in a Bloody Mary.

This pacific sea salt is infused with real Thai ginger. The process of infusing genuine Thai ginger makes this salt far superior to any powdered or synthetic ginger flavoring. This salt works great in most applications for Asian cuisine, desserts, as a drink rimmer, fresh fruit, salads, roasted vegetables, seafood, meats, pasta.

Hang on tight, this salt has kick. A spicy blend of all natural sea salt and real jalapeno peppers can deliver the thrills for those who like it hot. This salt works great on Mexican and Latin American cuisine, on flank steak or chicken for fajitas, as an adventurous drink rimmer, or as a dry substitute for hot sauce.

Fresh lemon intermingles with a premium sea salt for a truly excellent salt combination. This process uses fresh lemons, not just lemon oil, for an excellent finishing salt. This is an essential salt for seafood, mixed drinks pastries. Uses include desserts, drink rimmer, fresh fruit, seafood, pasta and many others.

The authentic flavor of Texas Barbecue, mesquite, is used to slow-smoke this Pacific sea salt until it is dark and pungent. This salt is great in many applications for Southern cuisine, as a bold part of a spice rub, on grilled meats, or as an interesting accent on savory dishes.

Our Roasted Garlic is all natural sea salt infused with real roasted garlic. This is a much improved, very gourmet version of traditional garlic salt. Roasted vegetables, pasta, meats, salads, popcorn, bread dipper (w/olive oil).

Rosemary infused Pacific sea salt. Great flavor and nice light green color. A perfect pairing with roasted potatoes. Add to any dish to give it a fresh, herbed taste. Also consider roasted vegetables, meats, salads, pasta, or as a bread dipper (with olive oil).

Curry powder is a mix of spices. Our Spicy Curry infuses Japanese spicy curry, a deeper more complex essence than some of its counterparts, with Pacific sea salt. The fragrance and flavor are superb. Roasted vegetables, seafood, chicken, pasta, finishing, Asian cuisine, fried foods, popcorn.

Sriracha and salt are two things that go great on anything. This sea salt is infused with the flavor of spicy sun-ripened chilies, the same chilies used to make the world-famous sauce. Just like its namesake, this salt works well on anything: pizza, noodles, stir fry, soups, sauces, you name it. Salads, roasted vegetables, white fish, chicken, finishing, Asian cuisine.

This merlot infused sea salt has a deep red/purple color that makes it a show-stopper as a finishing salt, featuring a clean, rich red wine finish. Wonderful addition to gravy and sauces that would be complemented by red wine, desserts, seafood, meats, and pasta. Fabulous and fashionable as a drink rimmer!

This Mediterranean sea salt is blended with real Italian Alba White Truffles, a super rare delicacy found in the countryside of northern Italy. The truffles impart the salt with an earthy, rich flavor. This salt shins in pasta dishes, but it also works well on seafoods, meats, roasted vegetables, and popcorn.

A delicious aroma of mushrooms greets you when you open a container of Wild Porcini Salt. Dried porcini mixed with sea salt has a concentrated flavor. Roasted vegetables, seafood, meats, pasta, finishing, bread dipper (w/olive oil), risotto, soups, sauces.

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