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Himalayan Salt Heart

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A salt heart made of 100% Himalayan salt is both a useful and beautiful object.

After showering rub the smooth curves of the salt over damp underarms to provide natural, chemical-free, deodorant protection. After use dry off the heart with a towel and let it stay dry until the next use. Do not put your salt heart under running water as it will dissolve the salt. Remember that salt is antimicrobial and detergents or cleaning is not necessary.

Put a Himalayan Salt Heart in of your coat pockets for use as a handy hand sanitizer! Salt is a great way to kill the bacteria that we pick up on our hands throughout the day. A Himalayan Salt Heart is the perfect size and shape for your palm. Just rub the heart and get a small coating on the hands and rub them together.

Keep several around the home, school or office as a useful ornament that looks lovely and is at the ready whenever you need a quick hand cleansing.

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