Three Icelandic Sea Salts in a Cedar Box

Each jar contains 1.5 oz of sea salt from iceland and comes in a beautiful wooden box. Each box is crafted by hand in Maine using cedar and maple.

Please choose your three flavors before you check out!

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Birch wood is used during the drying process to smoke the salt crystals of our unique Icelandic sea salt. Faintly woody and clean, this salt is perfectly paired with seafood, including oysters and shellfish.


Activated charcoal from Iceland's volcanic rock makes this salt starkly black and a natural detoxifier. Visually stunning with a crisp taste, our Icelandic Lava Sea Salt is perfect with steaks, fruit dishes, and seafood.

Sea Flake

Crunchy, mineral-fresh, and white as Arctic snow, this Icelandic Sea Flake salt is a great addition to any dish where a crisp, lightly textured finish is in order.


To create this uniquely flavored salt, we infused raw Persian licorice root. The nuanced flavor of licorice balances nicely with the clean taste of sea salt, creating a finishing salt that adds flair to melon, salads, martini glasses, and ice cream.


Our Icelandic Thyme Salt is combined with thyme grown on Iceland's mineral-rich gravel soils, making the finished product flavorful and naturally healthy. It's perfect for using as a rub on poultry dishes, or as a finisher on potatoes and other cooked vegetables.

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